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22nd January 2018 - 1. Workshop Jena

16th March 2018 - 2. Workshop Halle

15th-18th May 2018 - Summerschool Jena

6th-7th July 2018 - Retreat Wittenberg

14th September 2018 - 3. Workshop Jena

23rd November 2018 - 4. Workshop Halle



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14th December 2017 - Workshop/Coaching Erfurt "Debating training for women"

01st-02nd December 2017 - Retreat Oppurg

8th-10th November 2017 - 21st Joint Meeting Weimar

22nd September 2017 - 4. Workshop Halle

07th July 2017              - 3. Workshop Jena

18th May 2017              - 2. Workshop Jena

13th - 16th March 2017 - 1.Summer School Halle 

08th March 2017 - Workshop/Coaching Erfurt "Women in Science" 

20th January 2017        - 1. Workshop Halle


20th December 2016 - Workshop/Coaching "Women in Science" Erfurt                                                                  (canceled due to illness of coach)

05th-07th November 2016 - Start-Up Conference LEUCOREA Wittenberg


The members of the recently established DFG Research Training Group 2155 (ProMoAge) gathered for their first meeting in the historical city of Wittenberg during the weekend from 5th to 7th November 2016. What better location for this kick-off-meeting could be chosen than the „Leucorea“, which was founded over 500 years ago and has later merged with the Friedrichs University of Halle to form the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. 

The aim of the meeting was to introduce each specific subproject of ProMoAge and the working group behind it. 14 innovative projects dealing with posttranslational protein modifications and their role in ageing were shortly presented and discussed with enthusiasm by PhD and MD students,    postdocs and group leaders. Guest lectures about good scientific practice, ProMoAge-related epidemiological cohort studies and newest insights in proteasome modulation during ageing complemented the diverse programme.

One should not stay in Wittenberg without visiting the historical old town and the castle church, and thus, a guided tour through the city taught us much about its past, which is inseparably connected to the life and work of Martin Luther. Other activities like a dance evening and a movie night contributed to getting to know each other and completed this successful meeting.


Claudia Ender, Jonas Scheffler

Representatives of the doctoral fellows


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