As 'Alumni', graduates and students at traditional universities form a network that connects them to their university department, but also with each other - for mutual support of various kinds. Such support ranges from mutual information on jobs and all kinds of life experiences to scientific events, which we as a department offer, and alumni festivals at the University and in our department.

Such networking seems to make sense, because it is often surprising how little information flows between the student cohorts in our department, although they should have much more to say to each other. People don’t meet anymore - not in the corridor or in the pub. This can and should be compensated by an alumni network that is supported both through the Internet and by celebrations. It's exactly the strength of medium-sized networks between distant acquaintances that access to information and support is provided, which the inner circle of friends and neighbors does not have.

In traditional Anglo-Saxon universities, institute buildings usually have first and last names. These are the first and last names of those alumni who have donated them. We would of course like to open a building or also a tutorial in your name and the university certainly needs a little help from their friends. But if even not a bike-shed can be donated: Just to see the alumni grow and flourish, survive droughts and flourish again, would mean a lot to us. The alumni are the vanguard of our branch of learning in the German-speaking countries. Our branch of learning  will be judged on site according to their actions.

Mailing list

We have set up a mailing list in which each student or alumni is included on request. For this purpose, just send an email to manuela.friede©