The research of the group focusses on the development and evaluation of interprofessional and trans-sectoral care concepts on oncology. Main topics are the optimization of nursing care and treatment of oncologic patients based on patient-reported outcomes such as symptoms, functioning and health related quality of life. In addition geriatric oncology, promotion of physical activity, advancement of shared decision making and further development of evidence based patient information materials.

Forschungsverbund AOK-Sachsen-Anhalt und Universität Halle

  • Period: January 2021 – December 2023


  • Prof. Gabriele Meyer
  • Prof. Rafael Mikolajczyk
  • Dr. Stephanie Heinrich

Staff members:

  • Buhtz, Christian
  • Fleischer, Steffen
  • Lückmann, Sara


The AOK Saxony-Anhalt pursues the goal of providing their members with high quality healthcare services to the greatest extent possible. The University Halle-Wittenberg conducts intensive healthcare research in their Profile Center for Health Sciences. As part of a cooperation between the AOK Saxony-Anhalt, the Institute for Health and Nursing Science and the Institute for Medicinal Epidemiology, Biometrics and Informatics, a research group is being set up to deal with practically relevant issues concerning health, medical and nursing care as well as prevention.

The aim is to find scientifically based solutions for the healthcare of the people insured in the region, using all the opportunities offered by science and research and the knowledge of the AOK Saxony-Anhalt. Above all, the generation of synergies is expected from this cross-institutional approach. The AOK Saxony-Anhalt will provide anonymized data of the people insured with them which should form the basis for a realistic situation in healthcare provision. It should be underlined that thus a basis will be formed for sustainable healthcare in Saxony-Anhalt, taking into account future changes in the urban and rural structures of the region.

A four-member advisory board has been appointed to support the group. Dr. Stephanie Heinrich is the head of the research group and also the contact person (E-Mail: Stephanie.Heinrich☉uk-hlle.de).