Publications (last years)

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    Proteomes. 10(3):28
  • Selke P, Bork K, Zhang T, Wuhrer M, Strauss C, Horstkorte R, Scheer M (2021):
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  • Wedekind H, Kats E, Weiss AC, Thiesler H, Klaus C, Kispert A, Horstkorte R, Neumann H, Weinhold B, Münster-Kühnel A, Abeln M (2021):
     Uridine diphosphate-N-acetylglucosamine-2-epimerase/N-acetylmannosamine kinase deletion in mice leads to lethal intracerebral hemorrhage during embryonic development.
    Glycobiology. 31(11):1478-1489
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    J Clin Med. 9(11):3672
  • Rosenstock P, Bork K, Massa C, Selke P, Seliger B, Horstkorte R (2020):
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  • Nagasundaram M, Horstkorte R, Gnanapragassam VS (2020):
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  • Scheer M, Bork K, Simon F, Nagasundaram M, Horstkorte R, Gnanapragassam VS (2020):
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  • Weber V, Bork K, Horstkorte R, Olzscha H (2020):
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    J Vis Exp. (156)
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  • Pogoryelova O, Urtizberea JA, Argov Z, Nishino I, Lochmüller H; ENMC workshop study group (2019):
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  • Rosenstock P, Bezold V, Bork K, Scheffler J, Horstkorte R (2019):
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  • Scheffler J, Bork K, Bezold V, Rosenstock P, Gnanapragassam VS, Horstkorte R (2018):
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    Neurosci Res. 120:28-35
  • Kreuzmann D, Horstkorte R, Kohla G, Kannicht C, Bennmann D, Thate A, Bork K (2017):
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