The RTG is divided into three main research areas, under which the individual research projects are organized (A: In vivo modeling, B: In vitro modeling, C: Target characterization). There is close collaboration between the researchers as well as with national and international research groups. The projects are presented individually below.

Prinicipal investigators: Jonas Rosendahl, M.D.;  Helmut Laumen, Ph.D.

PhD student: Tanvi Inamdar

Principal investigator: Martin Gericke, M.D.

PhD student: Anne-Kristin Fritsche

Principal investigator: Patrick Michl, M.D.

PhD student: Thanh Hoai Pham

Principal investigators: Sebastian Krug, M.D.; Sonja Kessler, Ph.D.

PhD student: Sabine Fürst

Principal investigators: Heike Kielstein, M.D.; Ivonne Bazwinsky-Wutschke, Ph.D.

PhD student: Elise Arlt

Principal investigators: Jörg Kleeff, M.D.; Markus Glaß, Ph.D.

PhD student: Nupur Ohri

Principal investigator: Lutz Müller, M.D.

PhD student: Tina Seidel

Principal investigator: Monika Hämmerle, M.D., Ph.D.

PhD student: Juliane Blühmke

Principal investigator: Nadine Bley, Ph.D.

PhD student: Hend Elrewany

Principal investigators: Andrea Sinz, Ph.D.; Stefanie Göllner, Ph.D.

PhD student: Florian Wolfgang Otto

Principal investigator: Stefan Hüttelmaier, Ph.D.

PhD student: Khursheed Ul Islam Mir

Principal investigator: Tony Gutschner, Ph.D.

PhD student: Pit Preckwinkel

Principal investigator: Michael Böttcher, Ph.D.

PhD student: Erik Haußner