How to apply for a HAL-OX research project stipend, lecture, symposium or travel funds

The purpose of the EU (ESF)-funded HAL-OX research network is to foster international scientific research exchange and training at the highest quality level. To support this, we fund lectures/seminars, symposia, workshops, trainings or other forms of related travel. For applications please contact the HAL-OX program coordinator (Prof Stephan M. Feller; For research project stipends please see details below.

Visa Requirements

In the aftermath of the BREXIT new visa requirements for EU citizens are expected  to emerge from 2021, but at present the details remain uncertain. We will update the website as details become available. Non-EU citizens are less likely to be affected by BREXIT. They should visit the British Embassy website for specific details relevant for their country of origin.

Antrag auf ein Stipendium

Stipends are initially granted for a period of up to 12 months. Some extension is possible in justified cases. Research projects of substantially less than 6 months will only be funded under special circumstances, e.g. in the context of existing collaborations. It is commonly useful to start the application procedure ca. 6-9 mo. ahead of anticipated starting date. The initial application procedure usually takes ca. 4-6 weeks. It consists of a personal interview, where general areas of interest are identified, language skills are evaluated and ample information on conducting research in Oxford is provided. A key issue for a successful stipend application is securing a suitable academic host laboratory in Oxford. This can be done independently by the applicant, or with help from the HAL-OX program coordinator. So far we have been able to arrange host laboratories for all suitable applicants. Details on how to identify a hosting research team will be discussed during the personal interview.

Natural sciences students will usually have completed a master degree before the start of their HAL-OX funding, but well-justified exception are possible for students that have completed their bachelor degree. Medical students must have successfully completed their M1 exam (‘Physikum’) prior to the start date of their funding. The full stipend rate for students is currently 1500€ per month. Extra funding for on-site interviews in Oxford host laboratories, if required, is also possible.

Graduate students and scientists (postdocs, senior scientists) with an active, regular contract at the MLU are not eligible for full stipends, but can receive a travel stipend of 1000€ instead, to cover their additional costs while in Oxford. In justified cases, e.g. scientists traveling with children etc. may receive extra reimbursement of actual expenses incurred.

To identify a host laboratory at the MLU Medical Faculty in Halle (Saale) interested students and researchers from Oxford are encouraged to kindly contact their existing collaborators, or to get in touch with the HAL-OX program coordinator (Prof Stephan M. Feller;