Date of Birth:             March 8, 1984

Address:                     Leipzig University
                                    Institute of Anatomy
                                    04103 Leipzig

Phone:                        0341 9722 055

Fax:                             0341 9722 009


Current Position:      W3 Professor

Academic Training

2003-2010                   Studies in Medicine, University of Leipzig and Sydney


Scientific Certificates

2017                             Habilitation in Anatomy, University of Leipzig

2011                             M.D. (summa cum laude), University of Leipzig


Professional Career

Since 2021                  Professor of Anatomy (W3), Leipzig University

2018 - 2021                 Professor of Molecular Anatomy (W2), University of Halle-Wittenberg

2011-2018                   Head of research group “Adipose Tissue Inflammation”, Institute of Anatomy,
                                    University of Leipzig

2015                            Board certification in Anatomy (Facharzt)

2011                             Visiting scientist at the Department of Comparative Medicine,
                                    Yale University, New Haven, USA (Director: Prof. Tamas
                                    Horvath; Advisor: Dr. Matthew Rodeheffer)


Scientific Activities, Honors, Awards

2017-2019                    Member of the Comité d’évaluation scientifique CE14
                                     «Physiologie, physiopathologie » for the Agence nationale de la
                                     recherche (ANR) in Paris

2015                             Poster award from the German Society for Physiology

2006 – 2007               M.D. Thesis Fellowship (Medical Faculty, Leipzig University)

2006                            Travel Grant to Russia (German Academic Exchange Service)

2006 – 2010                Scholarship of the "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes"

Most important Publications

  1. Lindhorst A, Raulien N, Wieghofer P, Eilers J, Rossi F, Bechmann I, Gericke M. Adipocyte death triggers a pro inflammatory response and induces metabolic activation of resident macrophages. Cell Death & Disease. 2021; 12(6):579.
  2. Brinker G, Froeba J, Arndt L, Braune J, Hobusch C, Lindhorst A, Bechmann I, Gericke M. CD4+ T cells regulate glucose homeostasis independent of adipose tissue dysfunction in mice. Eur J Immunol. 2021; 51(6):1399-1411.
  3. Braune J, Lindhorst A, Fröba J, Hobusch C, Kovacs P, Blüher M, Eilers J, Bechmann I, Gericke M. Multinucleated giant cells in adipose tissue are specialized in adipocyte degradation. Diabetes. 2021; 70(2): 538-548.
  4. Ackermann J, Arndt L, Kirstein M, Hobusch C, Brinker G, Klöting N, Braune J*, Gericke M. Myeloid-cell Specific Interleukin-4-Receptor Knockout Partially Protects from Adipose Tissue Inflammation. J Immunol. 2021 (in press)
  5. Krieg L, Didt K, Karkossa I, Bernhart SH, Kehr S, Subramanian N, Lindhorst A, Schaudinn A, Tabei S, Keller M, Stumvoll M, Dietrich A, von Bergen M, Stadler PF, Laurencikiene J, Krüger M, Blüher M, Gericke M, Schubert K, Kovacs P, Chakaroun R, Massier L. Multiomics reveal unique signatures of human epiploic adipose tissue related to systemic insulin resistance. Gut 2021 (in press)                      
  6. Haimon Z, Volaski A, Orthgiess J, Boura-Halfon S, Varol D, Shemer A, Yona S, Zuckerman B, David E, Chappell-Maor L, Bechmann I, Gericke M, Ulitsky I, Jung S. Re-evaluating microglia expression profiles using RiboTag and cell isolation strategies. Nat Immunol. 2018; 19(6):636-644.
  7. Braune J, Weyer U, Hobusch C, Kern M, Kunath A, Klöting N, Kralisch S, Blüher M, Matz-Soja M, Gebhardt R, Zavros Y, Bechmann I, Gericke M. Hedgehog signaling in macrophages impacts on body weight, adipose tissue inflammation and glucose metabolism. Diabetologia. 2017; 60(5):889-899.
  8. Braune J, Weyer U, Hobusch C, Mauer J, Brüning JC, Bechmann I, Gericke M. IL-6 regulates local proliferation of adipose tissue macrophages in obesity via up-regulation of the IL-4 receptor alpha. J Immunol. 2017; 198(7):2927-2934.
  9. du Plessis J, van Pelt J, Korf H, Mathieu C, van der Schueren B, Lannoo M, Oyen T, Topal B, Fetter G, Nayler S, van der Merwe T, Windmolders P, Van Gaal L,  Verrijken A, Hubens G, Gericke M, Cassiman D, Francque S, Nevens F, van der Merwe S. Association of Adipose Tissue Inflammation With Histologic Severity of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Gastroenterology. 2015; 149(3):635-648.
  10. Haase J, Weyer U, Immig K, Klöting N, Blüher M, Eilers J, Bechmann I, Gericke M. Local proliferation of macrophages in adipose tissue during obesity-induced inflammation. Diabetologia. 2014; 57(3):562-571.