Science and Research

While the university’s Medical Faculty was preparing for its evaluation by the Committee of the Medical Science Council in 2008, it became clear that the research profile of the Medical Faculty Halle is currently focused on two main subjects:

· Oncology / Tumour Biology

· Clinical Epidemiological Care and Rehabilitation Research

The previous focus on cardiovascular medicine is now classified as a "development area" due to recent successful appointments and new initiatives. "Ageing research” is defined as a cross-sectional field. It connects the Medical Faculty in the newly established Interdisciplinary Centre for Ageing Research Halle (IZAH) with several other faculties of the University. The current objective of the Medical Faculty is to strengthen the main research field of oncology. To achieve this goal, the focus of research activities was shifted accordingly and core facilities were developed.

The research infrastructure has been greatly improved since 1995, particularly through the expansion of the campus. Modern research laboratories have been established and are set up to meet the requirements of the research projects. Additional lab-space is available at the Centre for Applied Medical and Human Biology Research (ZAMED).

The Medical Faculty has a highly effective Coordinating Centre for Clinical Studies (KKSH) which has resulted in an increase in externally funded clinical trials during the last few years. Further support for research is provided by the Centre for Medical Basic Research (ZMG), which represents the organising structure of the core facilities. 

The "Wilhelm-Roux-Program” was established as a part of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s NBL3 programme to promote young scientists and fund research. It has become instrumental in the success of research funding.