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Science and Research

The University Medicine of Halle has research profile areas that are closely networked with other faculties of the university. The goal of the Faculty's research is to promote the health of the population, as well as to improve their health-related quality of life, in addition to gaining new scientific insights, to open up new fields of medical science. The embedding in the concept of "Demography-oriented state medicine" is important.

The section "Epidemiology and Nursing Research" is dedicated to the study of the topics:

  • evidence-based medicine in diagnostics, therapy, care and rehabilitation
  • Evaluation of health risk factors, prognosis or therapy indicators,
  • Development of prevention and care strategies,
  • scientific development of nursing care strategies in acute care.

The section "Molecular Medicine of Signal Transduction" works with the topics:

  • molecular mechanisms in development of diseases (especially common oncologycally/cardiovascular diseases) due to impaired signal transduction and dysregulated gene expression,
  • Characterization of process-relevant biochemical and physiological parameters
  • Development and evaluation of new rational and individual therapeutic strategies.

An important research objective is to strengthen translational focus. This is structurally supported by the Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials Halle (KKSH), the National Cohort Recruiting Center, the Krukenberg Cancer Center Halle (KKH) and the further development of Halle Heart Center.

In order to increase the attractiveness of the location for junior scientists a PhD program was established, an MD / PhD program has been set up, a doctoral congress has been established and internal research funding has been focused.

The infrastructural research conditions are being continuously improved by the continuous expansion and development of the core facilities (also across faculties).

The faculty is well integrated within the university. Examples are the protein center "Charles Tanford", the interdisciplinary center for "Medical Ethics Law" (IZ MER) and "Altern Halle" (IZAH) as well as the established DFG RTG 1591 "RNA biology" and RTG 2155 "ProMoAge".