Übersicht Abstracts für Kongresse 2009


Nr. Name des Abstracts Autoren Konferenz
1. Expression, regulation and function of the ISGylation system in prostate cancer Erb, Kiessling, Hogrefe, Bobach, Fuessel, Wessjohann, Seliger  Deutsche Urologentagung 2009
2. Upregulation of ILBP in renal cell carcinoma Puttkammer, Wulfänger AEK Berlin
3. Effects of sorafenib on immune cell function of peripheral blood and tumor cells Seliger, Giesberg, Müller, Jensen AACR
4. Modulation of B7-H expression on RCC cells upon treatment with TNF-a and IL-4 Quandt, Müller,Seliger DGfI Tagung, Berlin, Sept.2009
5. The usage ov IFN-g in the matur-ation cocktail of vaccine DC: Im-portant for IL12p70 production, but with which consequences on the antigen processing capabilities? Massa, Seliger DGfI Tagung, Berlin, Sept.2009
6. Cell cycle dependent regulation of tapasin transcription Bukur, Mueller, Handke, Seliger DGfI Tagung, Berlin, Sept.2009
7. shRNA-mediated TAP1 knockdown results in the degradation of TAP2 in human keratinocytes and melanoma Krug, Ferrone, Seliger DGfI Tagung, Berlin, Sept.2009
8. Loss of JAK2 expression asso-ciated with low MHC class I APM  component expression and inter-feron–γ resistance in melanoma Respa, Bukur, Ferrone, Pavelec, Zhao, Wang, Marincola, Seliger DGfI Tagung, Berlin, Sept.2009
9. Promoter methylation prevents APN-modulated migration of melanoma cells Wulfänger, Schneider, Riemann, Seliger AEK Berlin
10. DIGE-based proteomic analyses of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in mouse tumor models Lichtenfels, Dolcetti, Recktenwald, Dressler, Seliger, Bronte Proteomic-Forum Berlin, Apr. 2009
11. Dissection of membrane signaling complexes associated with different ras isoforms Recktenwald, Wulfänger, Lichtenfels, Seliger Proteomic-Forum Berlin, Apr. 2009
12. Design and generation of data bases for the mining of biomarkers Dressler, Seliger Proteomic-Forum Berlin, Apr. 2009
13. Cytometric phenotyping of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in clear cell renal carcinoma: Correlation with grading, staging and age of patients Riemann, Geissler, Weinitschke, Lautenschläger, Fischer, Fornara, Seliger KIMT Meeting
14. Effects of Sorafinib on immune cell function of peripheral blood and tumor cells Seliger, Giesberg, Müller ASH-Meeting, Dez. 2009
15. Role of sunitinib on immune cell populations Seliger, Müller, Giesberg ASH-Meeting, Dez. 2009
16. Molecular mechanisms involved in the expression and regulation of MHC class I antigen processing components in tumors and stem cells Seliger, Doering, Schmidt, Handke, Mueller A., Mueller L., Abken PIVAC-Meeting, Sofia, Okt. 2009