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There are four degrees offered by the Medical Faculty. A state exam is compulsory for degrees in medicine and dentistry. There are entrance restrictions for both degree programmes. Germans and EU-citizens must send applications to the "Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung", the former Central Office for the Allocation of University Places (ZVS). All Non-EU citizens should contact the International Office of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Health and Nursing Sciences are offered as bachelors and masters programmes with integrated training.

The medical programme is governed by the Medical Licensure Act as well as the regulations for studying medicine at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. The medical programme at the university is divided into two periods of study and a practical year. The "First Part of the Medical Exam" (first state exam) concludes the first period of study. The first period of study is four semesters long and concludes with the so-called "Physikum” examination. In order to be admitted to this exam, certificates of achievement in the following areas must also be submitted to the state’s exam office: 

  • Nursing care traineeship lasting at least three months 
  • First aid training (of at least 8 double hours) 

The second period of study, the clinical part, lasts six semesters. In this part, a medical traineeship lasting four months is to be done when the university is not in session. The practical year directly follows the tenth semester. The second part of the Medical Exam is taken after twelve semesters. 

The structure and content of the dentistry programme is governed by the Medical Licensure Act and the regulations for studying. The programme is divided into the pre-clinical study period from the first to the fifth semesters and the clinical study period (sixth to tenth semesters). The time need to complete this degree is ten semesters and six months. 

An education in dentistry includes the following state exams as part of its pre-clinical study period. The preliminary science examination (after two semesters) which usually takes place on three consecutive days and comprises the subject physics, chemistry and zoology or biology. The preliminary dental exam is taken after at least five semesters on ten consecutive days and includes the subjects anatomy, physiology, physiological chemistry and dental prosthesis studies. The clinical study period (sixth to tenth semesters) can be started after successfully passing the preliminary dental exam and concludes at least five semesters later with the dental exam. 

The Institute of Health and Nursing Sciences has been offering a training-integrated bachelors degree in Health and Nursing Sciences since summer semester 2008. This is in conjunction with training centres and vocational schools in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The programme has been designed as a full-time programme with integrated training.