Analysis of:

  • Transcriptome analysis by RNA-seq (mRNA, lncRNA, medium-sized RNA, smallRNA)
  • Translation control by Ribo-seq 
  • Binding/occupancy analysis by ChIP- or CLIP-seq
  • Genome analysis using Whole Genome-seq or Exom-seq 
  • Oxford Nanopore DNA-/RNA-Seq data

Primary analyses

  • Quality control of raw data
  • Removal of adapter sequences and quality trimming
  • Mapping (assignment of reads to known reference genomes)
  • Annotation (assignment of mapped reads to known genes)
  • Determination of read coverage
  • Normalization (regarding RNA composition, transcript length, differential expression, etc.)

Secondary analyses

  • Determination of differential gene expression
  • Correlation of mRNA and miRNA expression (including target analyses)
  • Determination of alternative isoforms (due to , e.g., alternative splicing)
  • Quantification of translation efficiency (Ribo-seq)
  • Evaluation of binding profiles (ChIP- or CLIP-Seq)
  • Determination of effector pathways using gene annotation enrichment analysis (GAEA) and gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA)
  • Meta gene analyses, inclusion of "public data" (eg TCGA) and further analyses on request 

Nanopore Sequencing

  • Support for Oxford Nanopore Sequencing
  • Optional library preparation (barcoded)
  • Data analysis


Prices for evaluation and further analysis of NGS data on knwon genomes.


ServiceMed. Fak.

MLU (no member of Med. Fak)

Billing Unit

30€50€per conversation
Quality control of small RNA (RIN)55€70€

per chip (max. 11 samples/chip)

Quality control of RNA (RIN)40€50€per chip (11-12 samples/chip)
Data download5€5€per 10 GB of data¹
Primary analysis10€20€per 20 Mio. reads¹
Secondary analysis25€30€per analysis

  ¹ Per started billing unit.

Storage of data for 3 months.


ContactDanny MisiakMarkus Glaß



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Busch B, Bley N, Müller S, Glaß M, Misiak D, Lederer M, Vetter M, Strauß HG, Thomssen C, Hüttelmaier S. The oncogenic triangle of HMGA2, LIN28B and IGF2BP1 antagonizes tumor-suppressive actions of the let-7 family. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Feb 24. pii: gkw099. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 26917013.

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