Multiple myeloma occurs due to an uncontrolled proliferation of plasma cells in the bone marrow. These transformed plasma cells usually produce monoclonal antibodies, which contribute the typical symptoms of diseases such as bone aches, fractures or anemia. Therapies are improved due to the development of new and effective medications in the past years. In cases of suspected multiple myeloma the complete range of diagnostics will start in our Department. If you have been diagnosed with a multiple myeloma, we will often start treatment with innovative drugs, which usually can be applied out-patient.

The therapy will be applied in our out-patient clinic, which is based in our center for cell and gene therapy (LZG; FG7). Furthermore we will discuss the necessity of an autologous stem cell transplantation with you. Stem cells which have been extracted from your own blood in a special process will be transfused to your body again after treatment with high dose chemotherapy. This form of therapy offers the best outcome at the moment. Another, option is an allogenic stem cell transplantation which means that cells of an external donator will be transfused. We have set up our own specialized wards which are especially qualified to supervise patients who receive autologous or allogenic stem cell transplantations. In our special myeloma consultation we will discuss the various therapy options with you to find the most suitable therapy for you


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