The in-patient treatment of adults with coagulation disorders is being effected in our department of Internal Medicine IV of the University Hospital. Disorders of the blood coagulation system may appear as enhanced bleeding or as enhanced thrombosis tendency. Symptoms of hypercoagulability such as hematoma may occur in cases of minor injuries, women will experience an enhanced menstruation or during surgeries serious or sometimes life-threatening complications will occur. In most of the cases the cause of the hypercoagulability can be identified and resulting specified treatments will be initiated.

Another group are patients with an enhanced tendency to thrombosis indicated by superficial vein inflammation, deep vein thrombosis of the legs and/ or embolisms of the lung arteries. In some cases closures of the arteries of the systemic circulation may occur and can induce strokes or cardiac infarctions. In addition coagulation disorders may also cause complications during pregnancies. Currently more than 50% of the causes of blood coagulation disorders can be identified.

The diagnosis of the cause of enhanced tendency to thrombosis and bleeding is based on an intensive anamneses and clinical analysis, often followed by an extensive and specialized laboratory diagnostic. Our laboratory is offering the up-to-date standards of diagnostic analysis to identify diseases of hemostasis and to supervise the concerning therapy.
An individual treatment scheme will be conceived for the patient after identifying the cause of enhanced tendency to thrombosis and bleeding.
Our department of Inner Medicine IV is offering a 24 hours stand-by-duty for hemostatic questions.


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