The lymphatic system is a key player in the natural phylaxis of pathogenic germs. It can be found in the lymph nodes, spleen, tonsillas and bone marrow as well as in the intestinal and many other organs.
Malignant lymphomas are a group of diseases, which are characterized by an uncontrolled multiplication of cells of the lymphatic system. 

More than 50 most various diseases are subsumed under the term malign lymphomas. These diseases are differing in clinical symptoms, therapy and prognosis. For a simple distinction malignant lymphomas can be set into three groups: Hodgkin-Lymphoma, the aggressive Non-Hodgkin-Lymphomas and the indolent Non-Hodgkin-Lymphomas.
Enlargements of lymph nodes might be symptoms of a malignant lymphoma. Depending on the affected organs, other symptoms such as exanthema might occur. On suspicion of a malignant lymphoma we will perform an extensive diagnosis. Due to the large variety of malignant lymphomas the diagnosis is rather sophisticated and will be realized interdisciplinary.

The therapy of malignant lymphomas has been tremendously improved due to the development of new and targeted drugs. Depending on the type of lymphoma we will offer the most effective therapy consisting of out- or in-patient chemo- or antibody therapy, radiotherapy and/ or autologous or allogeneic stem cell transplantation. We are providing a specially equipped ward for patients undergoing stem cell transplantation. Our department is involved in national as well international studies which investigate the application of new medications and therapy concepts. In our lymphoma out-patient center and on our wards we are discussing with you the individual therapeutic possibilities in order to find the most suitable therapy for you.
Additionally we are analyzing mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance of lymphoma in our research laboratories.


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