In winter semester 1999/2000 and for the first time in Germany, a diploma course 'Nursing and Health Sciences' was established at a medical faculty of a public university, a course of study with a high research-oriented approach that could be realized through its connection to the clinical department of the University. 

At the beginning of the winter semester 2007, the Faculty of Medicine started a new Master Degree programme at the Institute for Health and Nursing Science!  

Compared to the diploma course, the Master Degree programme offers 

  • an expanded range of students from healthcare professions with a bachelor’s degree, 
  • the continuation and strengthening of the interdisciplinary and evidence-based orientation of the training, thus 
  • qualifying the graduates for a wide field of activity in the health and care sector.

The research-oriented approach of the course is supported by its integration in the Centre for Evidence-based Nursing in the 'International Network of Centres for Evidence-Based Nursing' at the Institute of Health and Nursing Science. 

The involvement of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Law emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the Master Degree programme and also represents a distinctive feature that can only be offered in the context of a comprehensive university such as the Martin-Luther-University (Faculty of Medicine with University Hospital, Faculties of Law and Economics, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Theology).