Formation and development of the network project

The institute in Halle invited all of the nursing research involved facilities of the colleges and universities in the region of Saxony-Anhalt, Leipzig, Thuringia and Hesse at the first time in 1999 and last issued in May 2001. They should join together in a Nursing Research Network with the aim of contributing the development of knowledge, to provide information about the probable effects of nursing interventions, to optimize health promoting rehabilitative care for persons with chronic reliant on care in communicative difficult situations.

This external evidence with international scientific level should provide a basis for decisions the nurses have to make with the patient in each case. When at the meetings on 4th July and 8th August 2001 for the participation in the announcement of the BMBF the criteria as well as transparent mode of the internal project development and project selection, the statute, the board and the spokesman was coordinated, all active universities of the region and cooperating practice facilities were present. All subprojects were subject of an external evaluation and were revised twice.

The statute was as part of a general meeting on 8th August 2001, the total release of the application as part of a final meeting on 6th November of 2001 adopted.

After the first evaluation, the information of the experts was discussed at a general meeting on 14th May 2002 and the internal requirements of the development of the full network application were defined. All applicants received for preparation of subproject applications an individual consultation by the staff of the Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials (Koordinierungszentrum für Klinische Studien, KKS; Prof. Haerting)

The elaborated subproject applications were again assessed internally by the board and discussed on another general meeting on 10th July. At this meeting two subprojects were presented which were considered positive in the first round of evaluation by the DLR, but have not part of collaboration. Both projects made an application for inclusion that was on a following general meeting on the 29th on August decided positive. At this final meeting the joint network application was adopted.

Central topic and participating universities

In the Nursing Research Network Middle 

  • all nursing and health science institutes and departments of the universities and colleges in Saxony-Anhalt, North Saxony, Thuringia and Hesse, and 
  • in total thirty-three with them cooperating outpatient and inpatient clinical facilities and institutions

have joined together to a multi-professional team of nursing, medicine, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and social work to work on six multidisciplinary controlled prospective intervention studies, a study for the development of a generic instrument for detection of quality of care and two central projects for the development and application of biometric, hermeneutic, phenomenological and care economic methods, for editing implementation oriented the following central cross sectional issue of nursing activities:

Evidence-based care for persons with chronic reliant on care in communicative difficult situations

The rehabilitative main-issue " Evidence-based care for persons with chronic reliant on care in communicative difficult situations" is edited in the multidisciplinary framework the WHO has developed with the transition of the ICIDH and the ICIDH2 to the ICF ("International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health"). At the multi-professional framework of the WHO, central requirements, the clinical care has to fulfill in multi-professional teams, are clearly. Elected Spokesman of the association is Prof. Dr. Johann Behrens, Department of Health and Nursing Science, Medical Faculty, University of Halle-Wittenberg, German Center for Evidence-Based Nursing (part of the international network of the Center for Evidence-Based Nursing). Deputy spokeswoman is Prof. Dr. Ulrike Höhmann, Department of Nursing and Health Science at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, director of the Hessian Institute of Nursing Research at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt and Fulda as well as the EFH Darmstadt.

Other Research Networks

In addition to the Nursing Research Network Middle-South the following networks are going to be supported:

  • Pflegeforschungsverbund Nord (Nursing Research Network North)
    Branch office: Universität Bremen 
    Network spokesman: Mr. Prof. Dr. Görres 
    Mail: sgoerres(at) 
  • Verbund NRW (Network NRW) 
    Branch office: Universität Bielefeld 
    Network spokeswoman: Mrs. Prof. Dr. Schaeffer 
  • Verbund Hebammenforschung (Network Midwifery Research) 
    Branch office: Stiftung Fachhochschule Osnabrück 
    Network spokeswoman: Mrs. Prof. Dr. zu Sayn-Wittgenstein 
    E-Mail: fwittgen(at) 


Further information about the research networks can be found on the joint homepage under