Schmoll, Hans-Joachim, MD, PhD., Professor of Internal Medicine and Hematology-Oncology


Current Position:

Head, Division Clinical Oncology Research 

University Clinic, Martin Luther University, Halle (Saale)

Director emeritus: Department of Oncology & Hematology

University Clinic, Martin Luther University, Halle (Saale)


Professional background

1971-1975 Fellow, Dptm. Radiation Oncology, Medical University Hannover

1975–1981 Felllow, Dptm. Hematology & Oncology, Medical University 


1982-1995 Associate Professor and Chair, Division Medical Oncology, 

Medical University Hannover

1995-2014 Professor & Chair, Dptm. Internal Medicine IV, Oncology and 

Hematology, University Clinic Halle (Saale), Martin-Luther-


2008-2014 Founding Director, Center for Cell- & Gene Therapy, Martin-Luther-

University Halle

2014-2017 Member, Board of Directors, Center for Cell- & Gene Therapy, 

Martin-Luther-University Halle

2014 - Head, Division Clinical Oncology Research, University Clinic Halle 



Role in Scientific Organisations (ESMO, ASCO, AIO, EORTC, SAKG)

- European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO)

o 2006-2010: Executive committee 

o 2006-2010: Chair, Multidisciplinary Oncology Committee (MOC)

o 2005-2006: Chair, Scientific Committee, ESMO-congress (Istanbul): 

o 1995-2009: Faculty & Scientific Committee (CRC, Germ Cell): 


- American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

o 1995-1996: Scientific Programme Committee and faculty

o 2005-2007: Scientific Programme Committee and faculty

o 2003-2006: Membership-Committee: 


-Association of Medical Oncology of German Cancer Society (AIO)

o 2002 - 2008: Chair, AIO 

o 1988 - 2004: Chair, Interdisciplinary Section “Genitourinary Cancer”: 

o 2002 - 2011: Chair, Section “Colorectal Cancer: 


- Cancer Society Saxony-Anhalt (SAKG)

o Since 2000: Founding President 


- European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC): 

o 1985 – 1993: Protocol Review Committee

o Genitourinary Tumour Study Group

o Gastrointestinal Tumour Study Group


Further Functions:

o Clinical Trials Advisory and Awards Committee UK

o 2006-2018: IDMC of the MRC, UK

o NCI GI-steering committee (USA) 2012-2014


Editor Scientific Journals:

o 2002-2013: “Onkologie” 

o 2007-2014: “Onco -Targets & Therapy” (founding editor)

o 2001-2010: Cancer Research (Associate Editor)



o “Kompendium Internistische Onkologie”, Springer Heidelberg, 

 Schmoll/Höffken/ Possinger, 6.000 pages, 1986,1997,1999,2006,5th ed. in 


o 19 books/monographs


Editorial Board/ Reviewer:

Multiple journals, including: Journal of Clinical Oncology, Cancer Research, European Journal of Cancer, Annals of Oncology, Critical Reviews in Hematology and Oncology, Cancer & Chemotherapy Reviews, Future Oncology, The New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Lancet Oncology, Cancer Research, Nature Clinical Practice, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Oncology, European Journal of Cancer, Oncology, Oncotargets and Therapy

International Advisor 2018, Lancet Oncology


Publications & Consensus-Conferences (Chair)

• PubMed-publications: 445

• Cum Impact Factor: 1697

• N Citations/year: 2017 1645 

• Citation factor (h, Hirsch), web of science: 71


• Chair, Consensus Conferences: 

o 2004: EGCCCG, Testicular Cancer (AnnOnc)

o 2009: ESMO, Testicular cancer (AnnOnc)

o 2012: ESMO, Colon-Rectal-Cancer (AnnOnc)



o 1981 Johann-Georg-Zimmermann- Award for Cancer Research 

o 2001 German Cancer Award (German Cancer Society)


Honorary Member: 

o Hungarian Cancer Society (2006)

o The Hungarian Society of Medical Oncology (2008)

o Hungarian Association of Medical Oncology (2011)

o DGHO German Society of Hematology/Oncology (2015)

o AIO/German Cancer Society (2016)