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Mass Spectrometry

The Core Facility – Proteomic Mass Spectrometry is a service collaboration between the Medical Faculty, ZMG and the Faculty I of Natural Science - Biological Science and is available for all researchers within the University and without. We provide a complete pathway for the MS analyses of proteins and peptides; from sample preparations to full statistical analysis, the MS Core Facility is constructed to support users at any stage of their experiments.

From February 2018 we will be situated in the new Charles Tanford Building on the Weinberg Campus and will combine state-of-the-art instrumentation from throughout the University in a complete analytical platform which comprises all extant mass analysers (TOF, Orbitrap, and Triple Quad), ionisation techniques (MALDI, ESI and ICP), and fragmentation energies (CID, HCD, ETD, PSD and soon more) together with extremely sensitive nano-flow LC technologies and separation techniques. We also support these with the very best in search engine algorithms (Mascot, Byonic, PEAKS & MSFragger), and deconvolution software (Intact Mass), as well as using our expertise in interpreting and manually validating mass spectra. 

As a core facility, we are ready for all analytical requests: from large peptide masses on MALDI, simple gel bad identifications, PTM & site mutation characterisation (phosphorylation, acetylation etc), affinity purification analyses, through to intact protein mixture mass measurements and large, multi-replicate DDA and DIA quantitative experiments. 

The fundamental principles of the Facility are such that simple analysis pathways, such as gel band IDs, and intact mass measurements, are charged at set rates without requiring co-authorships in any publications. Projects which require high technical expertise, and downstream analytical knowledge, such as complex proteome analyses, and characterisation of PTMs, consultation with the Facility is strongly advised, which may lead to later co-authorships. The Core Facility is designed with the approach to drawing together the network of proteomic (and others) working groups within the University to facilitate the exchange of ideas, pooling experience, and sharing knowledge to support research and generate new projects.  

For more information regarding who we are, our instruments, full details on our services, how to prepare samples for analysis, how to submit analysis requests, the costs incurred and much more (links to useful  sites, how to interpret MS spectra and results data etc), please visit our site here (LINK to, or contact us: 

Dr. Matt Fuszard (Head of Core Facility) – email: matthew.fuszard(at)

Dr. Dirk Dobritzsch (Senior Scientific Officer) – email: dirk.dobritzsch(at)