CFI policies

Access Policy

In principle all research groups of the MLU have access to the CFI with priority to groups of the Medical faculty. Non-university research institutions as well as industrial users can be granted access upon application.

All users have to fill an application form. This contains personal and project relevant data. These data can be further processed; data confidentiality is guaranteed by the CFI. CDA contracts can be agreed upon approval of the Board of Directors.

The application form contains declarations regarding chemical and biological safety. Without completion of the form no access can be granted. Analyses classified with S2 security level (S2-Arbeiten) have to be approved by an existing S2-clearance of the project and have to be indicated to the "Beauftragte für Biologische Sicherheit" (BBA) (Dr. Marcell Lederer - E-Mail: marcell.lederer(at) The BBA will send a 'pro forma notice' to the Landesverwaltungsamt.

In case of equipment damage by individual users, access can be denied by the CFI staff upon approval by the Board of Directors.

Booking Policy

In principle the CFI is a 'first come first served' facility. Priority access to equipment is reserved to CFI staff to maintain and modify equipments if required. This access shall not be used for conducting research on collaborative projects. Priority access to the EPI-basic microscope and IR-Scanner that were funded by the BMBF for usage in projects of the NBL3-NWG6 is granted to the "Division for Molecular Cell Biology" (Prof. Dr. Stefan Hüttelmaier). 

Booking of instruments and requested services have to be scheduled one week ahead online (booking via E-Mail to cfi(at)

The services are available at current times:

Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. or upon agreement.

The schedule is available under: booking. Application deadlines cannot be abandoned by priority access rules. Instrument access requires: 1) completion of application form; 2) 'clearance by CFI staff'; 3) allocation of a username and password.

Booking of instruments for more than four hours twice a week has to be approved by CFI staff. In case of schedule conflicts the head of the CFI or the CFI staff determines scheduling priorities.

Billing Policy

Use of instrumentation and/or services will be billed. Additional funds required to maintain the facility are granted by the Medical faculty. Instrument use by CFI will not be billed if:

1. The sole purpose of use is to maintain and/or modify equipment

2. Implement new technologies

3. Instrument use for training courses

The CFI offers direct access to instruments for certified users (unassisted usage) that have been granted access upon successful completion of the basic instrument user instruction. For non-certified usage, instrument usage assisted by CFI staff is available. 

Instrument usage is billed at an hourly rate per quarter hour. Each user will be billed on a quarterly basis. Billing information has to be provided with the application form. 

Usage Policy

1. The CFI staff can deny instrument access (even on short notice) if approved by the Board of Directors or in case of instrument service or failure.

2. Instrument usage time used for billing will be monitored by log in time on instrument controlling computers and has to be approved by the user by signing log in/out time on a instrument specified Log-Sheet. Failure of Log-Sheet signing will not prevent billing.

3. Scheduled instrument time can be canceled until 24h before scheduled use. In case cancelation is not indicated in a timely manner (until 24h before usage), users will be billed for one hour of instrument usage. For training courses, cancelation has to be indicated until three days before the scheduled training course. In case cancelation is not indicated in a timely manner, users will be billed.

4. Users have to use the instrument according to CFI standards as indicated by training and/or courses. Repeated violation of these rules can result in access denial. Detailed protocols for basic steps of instrument usage are placed next to instruments. During problems of individual steps of instrument usage, users have to contact CFI personnel. Users are obliged to prevent contamination of instruments by chemical or biological contaminants. In case of exposure, CFI staff has to be notified.

5. Microscopes and scanners have to be cleaned after usage (objectives etc.). Microscopes have to be switched on/off according to CFI rules. Repeated violation of these rules can result in access denial. 

6. Data of individual imaging sessions have to be stored in specified locations. Offsite storage will be eliminated. Data will be stored for one month. Therefore, CFI staff recommends to save imaging sessions on DVDs. Storage media will be provided by the CFI. 

7. PIs of individual projects apply access of individual users and carry the 'ultimate responsibility'. To cover residual risks users should hold a 'Berufshaftpflicht' (60-120 € annual depending on provider).

Acknowledgement Policy

In case of publication please acknowledge the CFI. If projects were completed in collaboration with the CFI, individual agreements will be negotiated.