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Dear friends of TIMO,

we would like to inform you of our changes regarding the annual meeting „Tumor Immunology meets oncology (TIMO) XVI“, which will take place in Halle (Saale), University Hospital, Ernst-Grube-Straße 40. Due to the corona virus crisis we would like to postpone the date for TIMO on the 24th to the 26th of September 2020. It would be great to welcome you as a participant and/or speaker as we planned for May!

The aim of the symposium in 2020 is to present the newest research results and the development of clinical trials in the context of tumor immunology and immunotherapy for the constantly growing community of tumor immunologists and immunotherapists. The participants have the possibility to initiate preclinical, translational and clinical cooperation. We will expect between 130 and 160 national and international guests.

Here is a rough schedule for the meeting:

Thursday, 24th of September 2020:


Start:                                                                            12.00 a.m.

End:                                                                              06.00 p.m.

Speakers:                                                                     students, postdocs, young professionals, spin offs

(Dinner only for the speakers!!!)


Once again, we would like to make it possible for young professionals to submit their abstracts (max. 1 page, 12 ppt, Arial) to us. Based on your abstract, we will choose who will give a short talk within the workshop on Thursday. We will provide in sum 18 possibilities for a short talk (15 minutes talk, 5 minutes discussion). Furthermore, you have the possibility to present your poster within the poster session on Thursday evening. Here, we will provide in sum 15 possibilities. I ask you for an active participation. We expect your abstracts and titles until the 1st of June 2020 at the latest in order to integrate these chosen talks into the official program.

In addition, we have to give the advice that reimbursing costs for the meeting are only reserved for the speakers of the main symposium – not for the speakers/presenters within the workshop. However, we will help you to find an accommodation if it is necessary. 

Friday, 25th of September 2020:


Start:                                                                            08.30 a.m.

End:                                                                              06.00 p.m.

Speakers:                                                                     professionals, clinicians, researchers

Networking event/ dinner for ALL:                        08.00 p.m. in Halle (Saale), Brasserie “Lözius”


Saturday, 26th of September 2020:


Start:                                                                            08.30 a.m.

End:                                                                              01.00 p.m.

Speakers:                                                                     professionals, clinicians, researchers


Currently, planning to switch the program established for TIMO in May to the September date. We ask you all to give us an information if it is possible for you to participate also in September as speaker or pure participant in order to integrate all these information for our program.  We do urgently need this information for further planning until the end of March. Sorry for this inconvenience and thanks a lot.

If you want to register, please use this link after we have changed the event dates:

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,

Maria Heise 

Research Secretary Prof. Dr. Barbara Seliger